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Further development of South Tandyrcha field with BCS construction

BCS is designed to maintain sweet gas pressure under formation energy depletion conditions in order to ensure processing and further transportation of the gas.

Raw sweet gas is fed to BCS inlet from downstream of the Buzakhur Preliminary Gas Treatment Unit (PGTU) in the amount of 4.28...0.84 MSCM/d (modifications to production rate + 15/-30%).

BCS technical data:

  • Gas production rate, MSCM/d 4.28...0.84
  • Inlet gas pressure, МРа (g) 2.05...0.23
  • Discharge gas pressure, МРа (g) 2.38...1.92
  • Gas compressor unit inlet temperature, 0С 45-55
  • Gas compressor unit outlet temperature, 0С 60
  • H2S content, % mol. 0.068
  • Number of Gas compressor units, pcs. 3 (3+0)
  • Unit capacity of Gas compressor unit, MW 1976 kW

Gas compressor units (GCU) are arranged in individual shelters and designed basing on:

  • gas reciprocating engine Superior 16SGTD;
  • reciprocating compressor Cooper WH74.

The following units and systems are included in BCS:

  • Inlet and outlet valve assembly
  • Compressor station inlet separator unit С-001/002
  • Reciprocating compressor unit GCU-100/К-200/К-300 with Inlet separator unit С-101/С-201/С-301, 1st Stage Air Cooler unit AC-101/AC-201/AC-301, Intermediate separator unit С-102/С-202/С-302, Air after cooler unit AC-102/AC-202/AC-302, Outlet separator unit С-103/С-203/С-303

BCS auxiliary systems:

  • Gas treatment system for internal needs (fuel, flare header blowdown)
  • Fuel gas conditioning system
  • Oil supply system
  • Air and nitrogen treatment system
  • Liquid collection and transfer system
  • Gas discharge to the flare
  • Control room
  • Transformer substation
  • Operational and maintenance block
  • Fire pump house
  • Water treatment unit